Financial Assistance for students

We are committed to making sure every young person can take part in music , regardless of their circumstances.

When taking instrumental lessons through B&NES, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Music Services, students may be eligible for help with the cost of lessons.

Assistance available:

For tuition in schools: financial support is offered by most schools. The amount of help you can get will be different in each school. Please apply (see how to do this below) to find out.

Please note: this assistance is given by your school, not the Music Service. The Music Service does not have any influence over a schools’ remission policy.

For assistance with Music Centre activities and Instrument Hire:

Assistance is provided directly by the Music Service. The assistance we offer is for the cost of music centre membership and instrument hire, so there is nothing for you to pay.

Terms and Conditions

Eligibility for financial assistance for lessons in school are usually set by the school. The Music Service has no influence over schools’ fee remission policy.

Where the Music Service offers the financial assistance, the pupil must be currently registered at their school as in receipt of income-based pupil premium funding. We will verify the students’ eligibility by contacting their school.

Should your circumstances change, you are responsible for informing us immediately that you become ineligible for the assistance. Any assistance given when the student was ineligible will be reclaimed.

We reserve the right to amend our eligibility criteria at any time. We will always give you notice of any changes in advance so you will never incur charges you cannot cancel in advance.

We have a limited fund available for assistance with fees. If there are funds available in the financial year during which you apply, we will commit to supporting you. This does not guarantee funding in future financial years. We will give you advance notice if we are unable to continue to support you with financial assistance

To ensure the public funds which are used to provide financial assistance is best used, we will monitor students’ attendance and effort. Where these fall below an acceptable level, we reserve the right, having given fair notice and warning, to remove financial assistance

All commitments of financial assistance are reviewed regularly and subject to change. We will always give you advanced notice of any changes, so you will never incur charges you cannot cancel in advance

To request assistance with fees:

If it’s for instrumental lessons in your school, for which you pay the school directly: Please contact your school.If it’s for tuition which you pay your music service, or for music centre or instrument hire; you can apply for financial assistance on our registration form where you sign up for lessons, music centre and instrument hire.