Instrument Hire Terms and Conditions

For the purpose of this agreement a ‘term’ refers to a three term academic year: autumn, spring and summer.

These instrument hire terms and conditions are for parents/carers hiring instruments directly from the Music Hub. Hire/loan of instruments directly to schools are in our separate Schools' Terms and Conditions document.

As a hirer, I understand:

  • It is my responsibility to care for the instrument and return in it the same condition as it was when the hire period started
  • I am responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of the instrument if it is damaged or lost
  • It is my responsibility to insure the instrument against such loss or damage. The Music Service/Hub does not insure instruments which are on hire
  • I do not own the instrument and must not lend, sell, lease or loan the instrument

Conditions of hire:


  • The instrument is for use by the named student only, and must be brought to school/music centre as required
  • Together with its accessories, the instrument must always be used with care and placed in its case when not in use.
  • The instrument should never be kept where it will get wet, or too cold or hot (eg next to a radiator or in direct sunlight). This will cause damage to the instrument.
  • The instrument, case and accessories must not be defaced in any way, such as writing the student’s name on the case. This will be considered damage and the appropriate repair/replacement charge made to the hirer. A name/address label can be attached to the case, but should not be permanent.

Damage repair, maintenance and consumables

  • Some instruments need to be serviced once per year or when required, the cost of which is payable by the hirer. Your teacher will advise if this is necessary
  • Any damage must be reported to the music service immediately and you must not try to repair it yourself. Any repairs must be done by a specialist repairer recommended by the Music Service and at the cost of the hirer
  • The hirer is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of the instrument if it is damaged or lost
  • The hirer is responsible for the purchase of consumable items e.g. reeds, strings, rosin, lubricants etc

Ending the hire agreement

  • Should you wish to end this hire agreement, the instrument must be returned to the Music Service office. The instrument cannot be left with the school or teacher
  • If you wish to end the hire agreement, written notice (post or email) must be given to the Music Service office, not the teacher or your school
  • The hire charge is payable until the instrument is returned and we have acknowledged receipt of return


  • An invoice will be issued for payment once per term (3 term year). It will be emailed to the hirer from the Council’s Finance team; please check your junk emails in the first instance.
  • The hire charge is payable per school term (3-term year) or for any part of the school term. Hire periods run from the 1st day of the school term to 1st day of the next term.