Learn to play a musical instrument

We offer lessons in different ways.

Mostly, we teach in schools.

Some schools arrange lessons themselves; you sign up through your school, then the school asks us to come and deliver the lesson in their school

Other schools ask parents/carers to sign up directly with us. We then let the school know there is a new student and we make arrangements to teach the student in their school

To register for lessons in your school, click the link above. Here you will find information about the cost of lessons, instructions on how to sign up for lessons directly with us, or via your school if this is how your school chooses to offer lessons.

If the student is not attached to a specific school, eg home-schools students, those in long-term medical care or NEET, you can arrange lessons at an non-school location. We will agree with you a convenient location at which the lesson can be delivered. We will process your application and contact you to discuss the arrangements. If you have any questions, just contact us